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Five Elements/Phases Dinner

Five Elements/Phases Dinner

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Come celebrate the summer solstice (夏至) with a five element themed dinner.

Lan-xin prepares food and Pardis gives a talk about the therapeutic elements of food and what foods to consume, especially in the summer season.

This dinner is a collaboration between an experienced TCM healer with a passion for food as medicine and a food nerd currently knee deep in fermentation.

The five elements or more accurately known as the five phases theory is a complex system based on millennia of data collection and studying by Chinese scholars. It helps to explain a wide variety of different phenomena ranging from herbal medicine to cosmic cycles.

The summer solstice marks the time of the year when the yang energy is at its peak. Therefore the food at the dinner will feature ingredients that tonify the body for the summer season in order to help balance the yin & yang as well as your mental, emotional and physical body.

🗓️ kl 18.00-20.00, Saturday, June 22, 2024

💰 650 DKK pp (includes all food, drinks and mini TCM workshop)

📍Foo Ferments, Tomsgårdsvej 81, st th

📎Practical details:

- this purchase acts as the booking deposit and is non-refundable. it will also be the total cost of your meal.

- no cancellations will be possible. if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to cancel, please gift forward your spot. everyone (except maybe you) is happy!

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