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Tempe - fava + ingrid peas

Tempe - fava + ingrid peas

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This product is made to order so it gets to you as fresh as possible. Write to order. 

Traditionally a Javanese fermented soybean cake that was also made with a wide variety of locally available beans and nuts. Through the amazing process of fermentation, the soybean becomes more digestible to the human body. At Foo Ferments, I play around with what is available close to me and use what makes sustainable sense as much as possible. 

This one is made Danish fava beans and ingrid peas. 

Favourite ways to serve: 

  • Fried crispy and served as the protein portion of a rice bowl
  • Fried until crispy then deglazed with a combination of soy sauce and mirin
  • Deep fried thinly sliced chips served with a dipping sauce and fresh herbs

Ingredients: Fava beans, ingrid peas and rhizopus culture* 

*indicate non organic ingredients

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