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Tempe - 豆渣/dou(4)zha(1) + ingrid peas + fava

Tempe - 豆渣/dou(4)zha(1) + ingrid peas + fava

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Traditionally a Javanese fermented soybean cake that was also made with a wide variety of locally available beans and nuts. Through the amazing process of fermentation, the soybean becomes more digestible to the human body. At Foo Ferments, I play around with what is available close to me and use what makes sustainable sense as much as possible. 

This one is made with 豆渣/dou(4)zha(1), a tofu byproduct (from our friends at Lê Trang Tofu) and locally grown ingrid peas and fava beans. 

Favourite ways to serve: 

  • Fried crispy and served as the protein portion of a rice bowl
  • Fried until crispy then deglazed with a combination of soy sauce and mirin
  • Deep fried thinly sliced chips served with a dipping sauce and fresh herbs

Ingredients: Ingrid peas, fava beans, soy beans and rhizopus culture 

Note: if this is sold out, please write about ordering a batch that is made to order

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