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Food and drinks available at our space

Wednesdays 16-19.30 // Saturday 12.30-15

Current menu

Rice bowl  Housemade tempe, jiang, seasonal vegetables and fluffy rice  

Pasta dish  Seasonal pasta dish with Jazzed on Grains pasta              

Soda  Elderflower, ginger or bubbles                                                     

Alcohol free beer  Rothaus Pils or To Øl LowMotion                           

Tea of the day. A warm cup of tea that the day calls for. The tea will most likely be from the lovely lady who owns the longstanding New China Trading. Do pay her a visit if you get the chance.                                                                                           

All mains are vegetarian and can be made vegan  

Foo Ferments ApS

Tomsgårdsvej 81, st th, Copenhagen 2400

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